Thursday, December 4, 2014

MyDIGITAL Education Camp (2)

group photo

Margaret at work

The second day (last session) of My Digital Education Camp in Sungai Siput. The response is tremendous! This is the good job done by the efficient co-ordinator, Pn. Norazlina Nazri. Today, Ms Margaret is assisted by Norita (an 'Orang Asal' - Semai ethnic).

 Norita at work ... an exemplary young Orang Asal

Norita set an exemplary for other young 'Orang Asal' to emulate. She speak very good English and a volunteer! 

multi racial participants

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


KRT Taman-Taman Muhibbah, KSK Jalong and Persatuan Kebajikan & Komuniti Muhibbah has successfully organised the My Digital Education Camp with the cooperation from Science Of Life Society (SOLS 24/7) in Pusat Komuniti Muhibbah, Sungai Siput. This is a Multimedia Development Corporation (MDec) programme.


This programme open to all youth between the age of 14 - 25. 123 multi-racial youth registered for the 5 hours programme conducted by Ms Margaret in 3 session. The camp break into 3 parts i.e. cyber security, digital photography and resume preparation. Camp conducted in English, it is an opportunity for participants to learn English.

I was inform that this programme shall be completed by December 2014 and targeted 4,000 youth participation nation wide, however, the previous organizer failed. SOLS 24/7 took over in mid-November and I was told last week! We managed to get the targeted participants here in less than a week!

YES sponsored the wifi, laptops and camera, whilst Seven Eleven sponsored refreshment. I am glad that a few 'makcik' sponsor meals for the participants. A big 'THANK YOU' to Norazlina Nazri (KRT Taman-Taman Muhibbah Secretary) whom acts as an efficient and effective co-coordinator!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Jabatan Perpaduan Negara & Integrasi Nasional [JPNIN] Daerah Kuala Kangsar / Hulu Perak has successfully organised the Bengkel Pemantapan Pengurusan Rukun Tetangga on 8 November 2014 in Dewan Kompleks Perhutanan Sungai Siput. 

Pn. Getrude Anak Roger Willion, the JPNIN officer brief the attendees

Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are compulsory attendees to this workshop. Unfortunate, not many RT came with full force. Being the Chairman of KRT Taman-Taman Muhibbah, Sungai Siput, I shall be proud as the Secretary (Norazlina Nazri) and Treasurer (M. Sagaran) attended the workshop. They have being briefed on their duties and responsibilities as well as records / books keeping.

Secretary & Treasurer workshop

the workshop

Sunday, November 2, 2014


KRT Taman-Taman Muhibbah, Sungai Siput and Kelab Sukan Komuniti Jalong together with Persatuan Kebajikan & Komuniti Muhibbah Sungai Siput has co-operated with Belia Lestari Muhibbah for the "PROGRAM PENCEGAHAN JENAYAH 'BLACK SPOT' NKRA". 2 locations has been identified as black-spot in Sungai Siput by the PDRM IPD Sungai Siput i.e. Taman Muhibbah Jaya and Sungai Siput town.

The program was held on 18 October and 1 November respectively. Pusat Komuniti Muhibbah, Taman Muhibbah Aman as the assembly point for Taman Muhibbah Jaya and Sungai Siput police station as the assembly point for Sungai Siput town.

37 and 35 volunteers respective carrying out the community service together with the Sungai Siput police as part of their Community Policing activities.

The purpose of this program are:
  1. to encourage the youth involve in voluntarily community service
  2. to promote awareness among the youth on security
  3. to build social contacts, interaction and goodwill among the multi-racial society
  4. to enhance closer relationship between the police force and the local civil society
  5. bridging cohesiveness within the civil society organizations
This program is part of the Government Transformation Programme on better and quality living.

program pencegahan jenayah black-spot NKRA 

Sunday, October 26, 2014


KSK Jalong has successfully organised the '2014 Sungai Siput Fun Hockey' in Methodist School. 10 teams took part. Fun hockey is basically a community sports where everyone can participate. Community sports is recreational activities that is physical shaped and spontaneous sports that deal for purpose of encourage extensive participation.

The community sports:
  • Promote fitness awareness for all level of society
  • Maintain the well being of all level of the society
  • Encourage extensive participation among the society
  • Not having elements of competition e.g. national & international
the committee

international & state players

This year 2 international players and 5 state players took part. They are all locals. Their appearance is our pride and motivate the young. Few veterans whom are either ex-national or state player took part too. These players act as guidance and mentor to the young. They motivate, teach, share experience and guidance. It is the proud moments for the young to play along with these experience players.


The program proved all levels of community plays together with harmony and cheerful as the program tagline - sukan untuk semua, mengukuhkan keakraban komuniti melalui sukan. 

Dato' Elango, the Advisor to the Menteri Besar of Perak (represented by Mr Ganesan Kenas), Mr Ashokumar, Sg. Siput Division MIC Chief and Mr Letchumanan, KSK Jalong Advisor attended the prize giving.

the VIPS'