Sunday, July 20, 2014


Anyone can guess what is this? Some said its fossil, some said road sign pointer, some said arranged stone ... the true is dried bobcat shit! Unbelievable???? This is what the 'Batin' KOA Pisang told me ... believe it or not, is up to you'll!!!!


Government through JAKOA has introduced a few programmes to uplift the living standard of the indigenous people in Jalong Tinggi. Rubber, cocoa and banana plantation were introduced however, I was informed that only rubber is successful. Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Agency [RISDA] and Lembaga Getah Malaysia [LGM] have been assisting JAKOA to developed and convert the land successfully. Frequent visits, guides and monitoring from the 2 agencies help the 'Temiar' community a lot, unlike Lembaga Koko Malaysia [LKM]. 

planted rubber

LKM has trained the people, seeding and fertilizers provided, land developed but no monitoring, guides and visits after planting. The plants are left  to the participants which this plant is new for them. Although training given, they still need monitoring, guides and advise. They are not learned and experience people. They are learning. 

education hut for training, guidance and monitoring  

I have experience with the JAKOA on fish project. I wrote to JAKOA and fishery department request training for the 'orang asal'. The actions from JAKOA is extremely prompt! Canvass, fish food and fishes arrived immediately! Without knowledge, experience, guides, advise and monitoring from the respective departments, all 2,000 fishes dead within 1 month! What's a waste of government fund!

YES! Is a waste but my sixth sense senses that somebody is making something out of it! Where's the integrity and responsibility?

Saturday, June 7, 2014


The Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Kangsar (MPKK) Cawangan Sungai Siput promptly respond to the joint request by KRT Taman-Taman Muhibbah and Persatuan Kebajikan & Komuniti Muhibbah, Sungai Siput on the health and environment issues in Kg. Muhibbah Fasa 2B, Taman Muhibbah Jaya, Taman Muhibbah Aman and Taman Muhibbah Jaya 2.

Arrangement has been made on 6 June, 2014 at 9:30 a.m., however it was delayed by an hour due to sudden visit by the President of MPKK. 

A group of 13 officers from Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Siput came, among them were En. Amir Adha b Mat Talha (Head of Health Department), Cik Nurul Hidayah bt. Harun (Head of Building and Enforcement), En. Muhammad Aizuddin b. Ahmad Rais (Sg. Siput Health & Environment Officer) and few others enforcement officers.

Location of problems have been identified i.e.:
  • no drainage along the Pusat Komuniti Muhibbah
  • pot holes 
  • no white line on all junctions
  • clogged drainage 
  • rubbish in open area
  • cats & chicken rearing
  • grasses in empty space not cut
  • lorries parking along the road side
Immediate action are taken to clean up an empty space in Kg. Muhibbah Fasa 2B. KRT Taman-Taman Muhibbah plan to apply this area as its operation office.

It was informed by MPKK that actions against the person who rear chicken along the river bank in Taman Muhibbah Jaya 2. The matter has been referred to the legal office of MPKK and DID. 

Actions will be taken on the cats owner at 447 Taman Muhibbah Aman. It has more than 40 cats in the house and disturb neighbours e.g. bad smell, noise etc.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


A request has been sent to Sungai Siput District Police Contingent for a discussion on the crime in Jalong Tinggi (the Orang Asal settlement which consist of 10 villages). All the 10 Batins and a few Orang Asal community leaders and myself shall be attending the discussion once the date has been ascertain by the police.

Matter arising: sales of alcohol and liquor, gambling activities, unknown and unrelated people to entry to Orang Asal settlements for activities, etc.

The Sungai Siput Distict Police Contingent responded to the request for a dialogue with the 'orang Asal' in Jalong Tinggi on 5 April, 2014 at 10 a.m. in Simpang Jalong police station. All Batins attended accept Kg. Plantuk. The 2 hours discussion is fruitful as the OCPD Sungai Siput agreed to look into the problems arise. The police contingent and the 'orang Asal' will work together closely to eliminate crime. 

2 main issues brought up were (1) sales of alcohol and (2) foreigners stay-in. At the same time is was a get to know session since the OCPD, Supt. Kasuahdi Ali was posted to Sg. Siput 4 months ago. Sergent Major Kesavan (Simpang Jalong police station OC), Sergent Azman (Spg. Jalong police station) and a few SB attended the dialogue.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Forum Perpaduan - KENALI NEGARA KITA

'KENALI NEGARA KITA' - an unity forum was organised by Jawatankuasa Penyelaras KRT Sungai Siput, chaired by RT Kg. Bahagia. It was held in Dewan Kompleks Perhutanan Sungai Siput on 25 March, 2014. The co-ordination committee consist of 19 RTs in Sungai Siput.

10 people from each RT and each participant have to bring along a teenager to this forum. The respond is overwhelming. As Chairman of RT Taman-Taman Muhibbah, I am proud to said that 26 multi-racial participants from this RT spreading from the seniors, adults and teenagers irrespective of gender attended.

My family

The lack of interaction between neighbours and no understanding between races were the causes of disunity among Malaysians said Dato' Ahamad Fakeh Adam (RT Kg. Bahagia Chairman) in his welcoming speech. He said that the younger generation is different from the older generation; as the latter can mixed well and there were no racial tension. 

3 speakers were invited to talk on the Principe of 1 Malaysia, Rukunegara and the constitution. The moderator of this forum has done a good job. Generally the whole forum is acceptable but not up to expectation. 

The multi-racial participants

Monday, February 10, 2014


With reference to my blog dated 16.9.2013, the construction waste has been cleared today!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


'Majlis Masyarakat Sivil Negeri Perak' has initiated the 'Minda Lestari' programme beginning from October 2013 - December 2013. Perak State Registrar of Society has been appointed as the programme coordinator by YB Dato' Samsudin Abu Hassan, the Perak State EXCO in charge of Consumer Affairs, Human Resources, Civil Society and NGOs'.

The Perak State Registrar  of Society has identified 16 not-for-profit and charitable organizations in Perak endorsed by the Perak State Welfare Department to host this programme. The selected topic is 'Kaedah Pengkomposan Baja & Kitar Semula'. Each host was presented with the 3 recycle bin and tree planting with the cooperation from Perak state Local Government Dept. and Forestry Dept.

I am proud to be associated with this programme together with my friend - Ahmad Ansor [Pro-Term Chairman, Persatuan Kitar Semula & Alam Sekitar Daerah Kinta].

The identified organizations are:
  1. Perak Mental Health Promotion Society
  2. Sultan Azlan Shah Rehabilitation Centre for Special People  
  3. Vision Home, Ipoh
  4. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim dan Warga Miskin Parit, Perak
  5. Persatuan Kebajikan Kediaman Abu Nur Pengkalan Hulu, Perak
  6. Yayasan Anak Yatim Darussakinah
  7. Pusat Jagaan Anak-Anak Yatim Ummu Sofiah, Trong
  8. Perak Palliative Care Society
  9. Pertubuhan Wa Khiew Yi Shea, Sungai Siput
  10. Pertubuhan Rumah Amal Haruman Kasih
  11. Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Yatim Rumah Wawasan Manjung
  12. Persatuan Kebajikan Untuk Orang Cacat Malim Nawar
  13. Pertubuhan Anak-Anak Yatim Jaz
  14. Daybreak Centre For Disabled
  15. Perak Association For Intellectually Disabled
  16. Persatuan Orang-Orang Kurang Upaya Kinta Selatan